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We are an agency specialising in branding, service design and digital solutions with a great user experience.

Rebranding, website and service design for Tartu's most modern dental clinic.
Service design, branding, website and interior design. Lydia Hotel is currently the highest rated hotel in Estonia.
Service design, branding, booking software and website. Restaurant Hõlm is a top-notch restaurant in Tartu, Estonia.


Rebranding and website for one of the leading digital marketing and digital advertising agencies in Estonia.

Kristo Seli

Lydia Hotel director

The Neway team’s greatest asset is its ability to ask the right questions and guide their clients to the right answers. Neway can bring out the right, most important elements, and create something special with them.

Taavi Raidma

Convertal, partner and strategist

I was happy to work with the Neway team. They knew how to think things through and helped to put our needs into visual context. In addition to beautiful design language, another advantage was how they understood and implemented the logics of business. All this was done within the planned schedule, without any delay. Definitely one of the strongest partners we’ve ever worked with.

Kätlin Saarela

Head of the Elva Kultuur Foundation

You should always look around and in front of you. All the best people and things are around you because what you really need is near you. Just be prepared to put your wishes and thoughts into words for a moment.

That’s when big and beautiful things come into being. Neway is the agency that can read your mind.

Our small and humble desire has grown into larger projects, co-operation continues, is sustainable and innovative; we have not regretted it for a moment!


Rebranding, petrol station design, Estonian fuel company concept, designs and much more.
Rebranding for the biggest children’s and youth sports club in Estonia.
No 1

Estonia’s Most Reputable Agency 2018


Work: Tartu Theatre Centre campaing website


Work: Ticket Sales for the Tartu New Theatre
(E-commerce Solution)


Work: Credit24 Volleyball Champions League website
Category: Website


Work: Anni’s Lingerie Salon
Category: User Experience


Work: Rebranding of Tartu Kalev
Category: Rebranding


Work: Anni Lingerie Salon e-shop
Cateory: E-commerce


Sepa Football Centre joint funding campaign


Work: Sepa Football Centre joint funding campaign website
Category: Campaign


Work: Sepa Football Centre joint funding campaign
Category: Social Campaign


Work: Sepa Football Centre joint funding campaign
Category: Campaign Website



Marketing Star of the Year 2015 WINNER, Sepa Football Centre