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Grab the Snabb

Vehicle ownership can be quite a hassle. Whether it's sending an SMS in the car park in rainy weather, exchanging coins at a car wash, or a long queue at the petrol station. These are all unnecessary inconveniences that can be avoided with Snabb. Grab the Snabb, an app used by tens of thousands for parking and washing their vehicles. One yellow tap and hundreds of car parks and washes await! No hassle.

Snabb's goal was to take the next step in international growth and expanding their service platform. We embraced their open-mindedness and ambition and teamed up with them. As a result of our collaboration, we created a new visual identity for them. Barking became Snabb and yellow signs started popping up in cities everywhere like mushrooms after rain.

Our part:

  • Research and insights
  • Brand concept
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction
  • Logo design
  • Creative strategy
  • Brand guidelines
  • Graphic design
  • Illustrations
  • Icon design
  • Animation
  • Website design
  • Website development

BRONZE Print Design

NOMINEE Illustration

NOMINEE Package Design

BRONZE Print & Outdoor

NOMINEE Print & Outdoor

Hello yellow!

We chose yellow as their main colour to accentuate the energetic and warm spirit of the team. The logo became a visual representation of the flexibility provided by the app, adapting and adjusting to your needs on every turn — with just a single tap of a button, you can observe barriers rising, gates sliding and car wash pumps howling in seconds. No matter where you are, yellow waves hello to vehicle owners.

Despite being a technical solution, at the end of the day Snabb is an app by people for people. To give it a human touch we created the brand around quirky hand-drawn illustrations. Joyous and avid snabbers represent car-related narratives, speak directly to users and guide them across platforms, telling the tale of the snabbulous Snabb.

Visit Snabb website


Bikeep ux-ui - Kuldmuna 2022
Bikeep app - Kuldmuna 2022


Stebby koduleht - Kuldmuna 2021


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