Eesti Arstide Päevad

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The many faces of EAP

Eesti Arstide Päevad (EAP) is the largest annual doctors' conference in Estonia which has been organised by the Estonian Medical Association since 1994. It marks the unanimous will of doctors from Estonia and abroad to share experience and act together as one, no matter the generation or field of expertise. 

Our team has partnered with the Estonian Medical Association for EAP since 2019. As each year has a different main topic, the visual identity for the conference changes accordingly, telling stories through design. 

Our part:

  • Research and insights
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Art direction
  • Illustrations
  • Graphic design
  • Animations

SILVER Graphic and Media Design

NOMINEE Seasonal Branding

EAP2022: A fresh breath of air

In 2020, the tradition of EAP was forced to a halt. Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic had been difficult and stressful for many people, but the ones most affected were doctors, medics and medical personnel amidst the chaos our world fell into. EAP2022 marked a breath of fresh air at last and a chance to begin anew. The two-day event in spring-cloaked Tartu was a chance to meet each other again, share experience and knowledge, but most of all — to simply enjoy having a good time together.

Our goal was to create a look that celebrates life, laughter and relieves the doctors from the heavy burden of the pandemic, even if just for mere moments. The core of the identity consists of abstract illustrations which represent both mental and physical health alongside medical instruments. They stem from the idea that you need to keep all of them in harmonious balance in order to live a healthy and vigorous life. Gritty texture combined with gradients became a visual representation of passing pain and fading hardships, much as winter turns into spring and life begins anew, which laid the foundation to the identity's blossoming colour palette.

EAP2023: Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence, especially in crises and matters of life and death. Spherical gradients where the angle shifts 2.5º every 5 minutes act as clocks to represent time, whereas the colour yellow comes from traffic lights and marks the readiness to act swiftly, a topic prominent in EAP2023. Though the subject itself is serious, EAP2023 brings together doctors from Estonia and abroad to share their knowledge and celebrate.


Virtuaalkomando bränding - BALTICBEST 2021
Virtuaalkomando kampaanialeht - Kuldmuna 2021
Virtuaalkomando bränding - Kuldmuna 2021
Virtual Commando EDA 2022

Virtual Commando

TYPA koduleht - Kuldmuna 2021
TYPA - EDA 2022


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