Our services and approach


Branding and strategic design

Brand strategy, brand heart (vision, mission, goals, values), brand name, brand story, voice of tone, brand architecture, brand first impression, experience design, service design and business model design.


Visual identity and graphic design

Brand visual identity, logo design, graphic design, package design, product design, 3D visualisation, motion design, wayfinding design and environment design.


Digital design and software development

Web design, e-commerce experience, digital screens, user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design, application design, front-end development, back-end development and integrations.

A bespoke strategic and creative process

Our 6-stage process has a nice nickname – “The New Way”. Crafted with care and ambition for over 13 years, our way of doing things helps create meaningful brands, memorable experiences and reach the desired entrepreneurial ambitions. 

With every project, we bring growth-oriented changes to life.

We use design thinking and service design as a strategic approach.

01 Start

02 Understanding

We dive head first into your brand and start gathering significant insight to understand your business and build the foundation for your brand strategy.

03 Define

Building a strong trustworthy engine for your brand by defining why, how and what.

04 Creative Work

We create a whole new world for your brand that goes hand-in-hand with a striking and comprehensive identity.

05 Execution

We create a brand at every touchpoint. We design, develop and deliver.

06 Launch

We bring the brand to the market.