Olerex Fuel Company

Olerex Fuel Company
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Rebranding, petrol station design, Estonian fuel company concept, designs and much more. We made 10 000+ design files.

In five years, we have designed everything for Olerex that you could create for a petrol station chain, in total over 10,000 design files.

We have worked out the design of petrol stations which is still in use today, carried out rebranding, designed icons and graphics, designed their advertising materials and led their marketing, branding and design processes.

Olerex is one of the biggest fuel retailers in Estonia and offers customer service in over 95 petrol stations across Estonia. The company’s capital base is 100% Estonian and offers jobs to over 800 Estonians. The earned profits remain in Estonia and in large parts, it is invested back in making the future more comfortable for all of us.

Our work

  • Re-branding / petrol station design / brand concept
  • Design / graphical design / ad design / icons and illustrations
  • Service design / management of marketing / brand and design processes